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bulkit_weighstationIt’s anything but a typical spice rack at Bulk It! While a few might be familiar, many are unusual and will make a unique addition to your kitchen.
Our spice selection includes:

  • Apple-smoked sea salt
  • Gourmet pepper mills
  • Sucanat
  • Vanilla beans
  • Tumeric root

Our herb selection is just as diverse, and growing fast. We’ve consulted a homeopathic expert and curated plenty of medicinal and other herbs.
A few of our favorites include:

  • German chamomile
  • Lemon balm leaf
  • Raspberry leaves
  • Cacao nibs
  • Dandelion leaves
  • Peppermint leaves
  • Milk thistle seed

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  1. I’m looking for nettle leaf, linden flower, and comfrey. Do you carry any of tgese in bulk?

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    • I too would like nettle leaf and comfrey.

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